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Frequently asked questions

  • When do I need to submit my ad to be in the next paper?
    The deadline for ads in the Clamdigger is 4pm on the Friday before publication. For example, to be in the March 28th publication, your ad must be paid for and turned in by 4pm on Friday the 22nd. For FREE ads – garage sales, estate sales, giveaway or lost items – the deadline is at noon on the Monday before publication. For example, to be in the March 28th publication, we must see your ad before noon on Monday the 25th.
  • I want something BIGGER! Which ad do I pick?
    Our classified ads are only the text that you submit to us. However, our Display Ads feature lots of wonderful graphics. For more information about our Display ads, reach out to our office manager Connie! She'll be more than happy to discuss contract options, ad designs, and more in order to make sure you get the ad you're looking for.
  • I just need a few copies... can I do that myself?
    Of course! We are a small shop, but the printer in our lobby is open for you to use! Don't know which settings to use? Not worries, we're not far! Anyone in the office will be more than happy to help you out – or grab someone who does!
  • I sent an email, but never heard anything back. How long do I wait?
    We're a small team, and emails prove ot have their own mysteries... If you haven't heard back from us, we're not ignoring you! We might not have had a chance to get back to you, your email may have slipped past our view, or even ended up in our junk folder. Go ahead and reach out again, whether by email or by phone, and we'll figure out what's going on.
  • I need something BIG printed, can you do that?
    The largest our print shop can print on is a 12"x18" piece of paper. We do have a large format printer; however, it can only print in grayscale. If you're looking for a large poster, a yard sign, or vinyl banners, our sister shop Jamie's Signs would have the answers! You can reach their designer, Gillian, via email at, or visiting their website,
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